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ACOM Newsletter

This issue shares a few stories of how God is using our current and former students to make a positive impact the world. With over 4000 graduates ACOM continues to touch the lives of many people around the world. We hope these stories are an encouragement as you continue to explore your own life journey with God. 

Following the Voice of God

Adam Debenham is seeing the kingdom of God expand in exciting ways. As Associate Pastor at Dayspring Church in Castle Hill, NSW, his life of active mission and personal transformation focuses on mobilising a community of people to live as the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.

Adam is married to Rebecca and has been a part of the Dayspring Church for seven years. He wants to be obedient to God in everything, partnering with him as he builds his kingdom and helping empower others to do the same.

‘One of the ways we mobilise and train people to seek the kingdom of God is by doing prophetic and healing ministry on the streets,’ he said. ‘We go out and meet strangers and pray for the sick and see them healed in shopping centres! God points someone out, we go up to them and say something like, “This is for you—does this make sense?” and people will often say, “How did you know? That’s exactly me!” Once, God shared a name with us that turned out to be the husband of the woman we spoke to; he was really sick. We’ve had lots of opportunities like that where we’ve been able to love and pray for people and see and participate in the coming of the kingdom of God.’

‘We’ve also got a connection with a children’s home in Bali, where we take teams to just love the kids. During our last mission, the volunteers just came alive! We saw them step out and do things that were just amazing. For example, one guy—a real ‘blokey bloke’ who’s not at all ‘touchy feely’—went out into the streets and met a prostitute and her boyfriend, who really wanted to play music but couldn’t, so this guy went out and bought him a guitar! He’d had never had a guitar in his life. It was one of the most powerful acts of generosity and loving others I have seen, and none of us saw it coming.’

As well as empowering and mobilising his community’s mission with God, it’s important to Adam that he leads by example. He doesn’t restrict his life of mission to his work as a pastor, but rather allows it to permeate his whole life. Adam and his wife Rebecca prioritise involvement in the life of their local community, living lives that shine the light of the gospel.

Adam studied a Bachelor of Theology at ACOM from 1997 to 2004 and found that God consistently connected his learning with what was needed in his ministry, often within two weeks. He treasures the fact that he was able to learn everything he did and can now pass that learning on to others.

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