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Prospective Students:

Why study with ACOM?

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ACOM is a learning community focused on transformation. To transform society we first need to be personally transformed. To be a light in the world we first need to be personally set on fire with God’s Spirit.

Now in its 70th year of service, ACOM tailors your course to help you meet your calling in life.
Our focus on transformational learning is holistic: we know that it is necessary to develop the head, heart and hands to be an effective light in the world. While we are conservative in our approach to Scripture we are missional in heart

As our model of training focuses on flexible delivery there is no central campus. Your place of ministry is your campus. As a student you can stay in your home and your local church, and count your hours in ministry toward your course work.

Our college is committed to serving disciples of Jesus who are serious about kingdom living. We are especially equipped to help develop Christian leaders for a rapidly changing world.

Our strengths are:

  1. Spiritual formation is integral to all we do. We don’t merely teach a class on formation, we facilitate face-to-face holistic learning experiences around the country that are deeply forming.
  2. Our curriculum is intentionally mission-focused rather than the usual suite of traditional theology subjects. This approach equips students to be relevant and effective as they represent God’s kingdom in any situation God places them.
  3. Our method of delivery is designed to maximize leaning-in-action. While you can study with ACOM from anywhere in the world our approach to distance learning uses cutting edge learning practices that view students as practicing professionals.
  4. We help students discover how to study the Bible for themselves. We equip students to learn how to learn and make application to the complex changing world we live in.
  5. Our facilitations are led by “pracademics” not ivory tower academics focusing solely on theory. Rather they are practitioner/academics who are highly qualified but also active in personal discipleship and mission.
  6. We personalize the support we provide students. Each student is appointed their own learning support manager who is available to assist with their enquiries and student needs.
  7. Our academic standards are excellent. We know that surviving and thriving in any ministry requires the mind of a scholar and the heart of a missionary. Our assessments require students to be stretched in heart, mind and soul.
  8. We build a genuine community of learners. Students and faculty connect in multiple ways, regardless of location, to support and stimulate a mutual learning experience.
  9. ACOM graduates are job ready. This is because they have been learning on-the-job. Their place of ministry and mission has been their campus. With our instruction-action-reflection approach what they learn today they use the next day as theory meets practice.

In a rapidly changing world ACOM continues to pursue its vision to resource Christians to be effective kingdom agents wherever they are serving.

Some feedback from students:

“I am very impressed with the wisdom behind the structure of ACOM, particularly with the fieldwork… I have looked at other colleges and nothing I have found has the same feeling or atmosphere (amazing how a distance college can have atmosphere) of love and passion to equip and help people who love Jesus and just want to serve Him in greater ways.”

“The ongoing formation group meetings were a treasure for discerning the work of God’s grace in my life. Through more intimate and spiritual practices, I was hearing God and knowing his grace in ways that I have never experienced before.”

“I have seen and been influenced by men and women of God who have graduated from ACOM. They do not get carried away by the spiritual dramas that happen in Churches, but administer strength, wisdom and the love of Christ in the most demanding circumstance.”