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ACOM’s COVID-19 Response

Dear ACOM students, alumni, and friends.

With all that is happening in our world at the moment, we wanted to let you know what ACOM’s response to  Covid-19 continues to be.

ACOM’s online/distance model of ministry training has been developed over the past 20+ years and ideally equips us to respond to these changing times to ensure that ministry training not only continues but thrives.

Our students have been able to continue their studies largely without interruption. Our Student Engagement Managers, Academic and Ministry Services teams continue to be available to support our students.

All face to face facilitations and student gatherings continue online as Zoom events unless otherwise advertised.

We ask that you continue to pray for our students & the churches they represent, our communities and our world at this time.

On behalf of the ACOM team,

Neale Meredith
Interim Principal and Dean of Students

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Ready to Start Your Journey?

Knowing which study pathway to embark on isn’t always the easiest of tasks. That being said, you might have a rough idea of what you are passionate about or where you would like to be down the track.

The following page portals will help you find the right course to get you moving in the right direction. Whether you are studying for the first, second or third time, we have a pathway for you.

Our degrees are highly flexible, with elective units available in a wide variety of fields. You can tailor your learning to focus on areas of interest such as chaplaincy, Bible or pastoral theology.

And remember, every unit has a practical component, so you will be putting your learning into action.

Brenton’s Story
I have found ACOM to be a great vehicle through which I have been able to explore deeply my faith, the Gospel, and how faith community can help fulfil the call of God to love, reveal Himself and see transformation take place in all aspects of life. Brenton’s Story
Emily's Story
ACOM’s focus on head to heart is fantastic. It’s not just theological study for the sake of having all the right answers, it’s life-changing theology, and it absolutely changed my life. Emily's Story


This facilitation will introduce participants to the fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew as a basis for learning to read and translate the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. Participants will be able to read simple Hebrew passages and will have a strong foundation for

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In today’s society there are more and more governance requirements for not-for-profit and ministry-based organisations. There is an obvious need for leaders to be aware of the various legal frameworks that they work under and to know how to work

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This facilitation will introduce participants to the fundamentals of Biblical Greek as a basis for learning to read and translate the New Testament. Participants will be able to read simple Greek passages and will have a strong foundation for exegeting the

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