Brenton’s Story
I have found ACOM to be a great vehicle through which I have been able to explore deeply my faith, the Gospel, and how faith community can help fulfil the call of God to love, reveal Himself and see transformation take place in all aspects of life. Brenton’s Story
Emily's Story
ACOM’s focus on head to heart is fantastic. It’s not just theological study for the sake of having all the right answers, it’s life-changing theology, and it absolutely changed my life. Emily's Story
Andy's Story
Outdoor Education is a very rewarding vocation.
As a facilitator you use adventure as a catalyst to un-earth and affirm the very best things about people, create an environment in which they can express their experience and witness the start of a new chapter in their life - a new story filled with more courage, hope and confidence.
A life to the full! Andy's Story
Lynda's Story
This year has been a gift from God. It has been a time to grow in understanding of my true self and reflect on my journey thus far with my Heavenly Father. It has been full of study, new friendships forged, retreats, laughter and lots of chocolate. Recharge has focussed me on seeking freedom and recapturing joy in my life. Christ has truly set me free and I am filled with his joy. Lynda's Story

2019 Spiritual Practices Retreat

This is an introductory retreat which explores the foundation for spiritual formation, as well as two fundamental disciplines of the spiritual life: solitude and silence.These two disciplines establish a deep foundation for the growth of our life with God. Dallas

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2019 National Restoration Movement Conference

Simple Uncluttered Christianity Join a conversation with the faculty of  Stirling Theological College, and the Australian College of Ministries Being part of a ‘restoration’ movement, means we have always valued the idea of rejecting human rules and organisational structures, getting back to

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2019 Formation Gathering with James Bryan Smith

This annual hub focuses on both personal and community transformation by exploring how the process of being formed in the image of Christ, for the sake of others, actually happens. Be inspired and equipped as you meet thought leaders, connect

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