Letter from the Principal

Over 20 years ago, the Australian College of Ministries made the shift from being a campus-based college to a dynamic and flexible online-learning community. We developed a groundbreaking transformational adult-learning approach tailored to each individual’s personal needs and learning style – where your place of work or ministry is your campus.

As a student, you can stay in your home or local church, and the actions you take in pursuit of your vocation become essential elements of your learning experience. After all, Jesus didn’t hide his disciples in a Bible school in Galilee. He taught them in their world – on the road; beside rivers and lakes; in fields, villages and towns. He trained them in the realities of life with real people.

At ACOM we do the same. We don’t just get you back into mission after your training is over. We keep you in mission. In our training, you will learn with the people in your community, in your church, wherever you work.

Every ACOM course allows you to gain credit for your time, energy and ministry experience as a vital component of your training – all at a place of your choice.

At ACOM students design their own learning pathway to ensure they have a highly engaging and deeply transformational learning experience. Our model of learning is supported by face-to-face and on-line workshops around the country, a cutting-edge digital learning platform, and an extensive e-library. Each student has their own Student Engagement Manager as their personal connection to whatever assistance they may need.

ACOM is committed to serving disciples of Jesus who are serious about Kingdom living. We are specially equipped to help develop Christian leaders for a rapidly changing world.

The mission of the Church requires Christian leadership of the highest quality and of vital spiritual devotion. Only such leadership will ensure the advancement of the Kingdom of God in this complicated and very dangerous world. “A.W. Stephenson


At the Australian College of Ministries we develop healthy, effective leaders who can positively impact their own corner of the world.
At ACOM we emphasise a missional focus, flexible learning, deep spiritual formation, work-based learning, and academic excellence.

For over 20 years we have pioneered the innovative instruction-action-reflection approach to preparing effective leaders for a rapidly changing world. Our courses are tailored for God’s people wherever they work, minister and live – in the church, workplace and community. Our desire is to equip you to be changed – so you can change your corner of the world.

At ACOM we invest in the development of the whole person. You are more than what you know or can do.A.W. Stephenson


The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) is an international provider of life-changing, ministry training experiences.

The College has two institutional members:

/ Churches of Christ in NSW, and

/ Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia.

Originally birthed over 75 years ago (1941) as the Churches of Christ in NSW Theological College (Woolwich, Sydney) ACOM has produced thousands of graduates serving as ministers, evangelists, lay leaders, welfare workers, teachers, missionaries and church planters.

Originally a campus-based residential college, ACOM now specialises in flexible delivery. It is a hybrid of distance learning experience mixed with targeted face-to-face and on-line student support through formation groups and themed workshops.

ACOM has become a highly professional and diversified provider of ministry training that has developed a national and international reputation for excellence and innovation. ACOM has 27 permanent staff (ministry support, academic and leadership development), plus 40 contracted staff (17 formation leaders, and 23 subject facilitators) across Australia.

The partnership of Fresh Hope – Churches of Christ in NSW – is an empowering gift that enables ACOM to pursue its mission and partner with Fresh Hope initiatives such as: Fresh Hope Venues, Mission & Ministry, and Care.

On 1st January 2017 the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Australia became an institutional member. This partnership adds the strength and experience of the Alliance movement who has a presence in over 81 countries around the world. This strategic partnership has seen the establishment of the Alliance Institute of Mission, a centre of excellence within the Australian College of Ministries.

ACOM has formed partnerships of mutual assistance in ministry development and training with like-minded organisations such as Youth Vision Australia, ARROW Leadership Australia, Christian Venues Association, Southern Lights Training, The Emerging Leaders Program, Vineyard College & Full Gospel College of Ministry Leadership.

ACOM is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity.

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Our Academic Standards

A Member Institute of Sydney College of Divinity /

The Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) is a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD). SCD is a tertiary education institution providing high quality, accredited awards in ministry and theology and related areas through the teaching colleges that are its member institutions.

The Sydney College of Divinity is registered as a Higher Education Provider. Its degrees and awards are accredited by the NSW Department of Education & Communities (NSW DEC), with a number of awards also registered in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. The SCD is approved as a Higher Education Provider under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. It is also a CRICOS provider in New South Wales (CRICOS Code: 02948J), Queensland (CRICOS Code: 02904K) and Western Australia (CRICOS Code: 03284C).

ACOM has been a foundational member of the Sydney College of Divinity since 1983. SCD offers a complete suite of higher education awards ranging from the Diploma of Christian Studies, Diploma of Theology, Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Theology and BTh (Honours). At the Postgraduate level awards range from the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, MA, MTh, MA (Hons) and MTh (Hons), to the ThD, PhD and the DMin.

For further information, please refer to the SCD website here.