Our staff will always aim to be caring, curious and proactive.

Our fantastic team are here to make your experience as great as it can be at ACOM. We also think that it's nice to have an idea of who you might be talking to. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Leadership Team

Neale Meredith
Assoc. Prof. Peter Laughlin
Catherine Kleemann
Alicia Cleary

Academic Team

Assoc. Prof. Peter Laughlin
Catherine Kleemann
Dr. John Robinson
Prof. Darren Cronshaw
Dr. Stephen Parker
Edwina Blair
Sarah Whitehead
Dr. Rod Russell-Brown
Dr. Rowan Lewis

Student Support Team: Student Engagement Managers

Kaye Schelbach
Rod Clements
Dr. Stephen Parker
Peter Roberts
Elissa Roberts
Susan Herbert
Alyse Payne

Ministry Operations Team

Alyse Payne
Nicole Reeves
Emily Southwell
Rasha Magbanua
Jemimah North
Robyn East
Lynn Gale
Ben Taylor