For 20 years ACOM has been a leader in innovative and flexible online learning. Our approach is holistic: developing head, heart and hands to engage students in a truly life-changing experience. We strive to produce graduates who are well prepared- not only smart enough to understand their world, but also skilled enough to shape their world.

ACOM Offers the Following Distinctive Strengths:

Spiritual formation is integral to all we do. We do not merely teach a class on formation; we facilitate deeply transformational, holistic, face-to face learning experiences. Spiritual formation is threaded through our entire curriculum to ensure that graduates bring strength, courage, wisdom and integrity to their future endeavours. See more.

Our method of digital delivery is designed to maximise learning-in-action. We view each of our students as practicing professionals. We are specialists in workplace learning and our approach to curriculum design reflects our instruction-action-reflection. See more.

We personalise the support we provide students. Although students interact online, they are not forgotten. Each student has his or her own Student Engagement Manager (SEM) to contact for the help they need. SEMs connect with their students proactively with supportive advice, encouragement and reminders. In addition, students receive online support from our academic faculty, markers, administrative and Moodle support teams. At ACOM, you may be online, but you’re not alone. See more.

We also have strength in: