We ensure our students are provided with high quality and digitally rich learning resources.

ACOM students and staff live in a rapidly-changing digital world and are accustomed to searching, connecting and discovering online.

However, learning is an inherently human process, rather than a technical one. Learning requires humans to be curious, to communicate, to interact, to test, to argue, to define, to hope and to improve.

With 20 years of experience in distance learning, we are now an industry leader in engaging digital technologies to deliver highly-engaging, personalised and powerful learning experiences for students through digital technology, while still ensuring we foster the human experience of learning.

ACOM’s digital technology supports an integrated learning lifestyle through which students are able to access what they need on demand and across multiple devices, while enabling and supporting their interaction with work and family. We ensure our students are provided with high-quality and digitally rich learning resources.

Students can self-regulate their learning. Students have greater opportunities to tailor their pace of progress, being provided with the ability to learn at any time and from any device.

To ensure we offer highly engaging course materials, ACOM has multiple digital libraries with thousands of books and journals available. ACOM caters to the research needs of students wherever they are located.

Our digital resources ensure that students are never disadvantaged by distance. Students are able to experience deep engagement through research projects emphasising their ministry situation and blending theory, action and reflection to produce deep learning that is academically rigorous as well as practice oriented.

At ACOM, we recognise that our students’ place of ministry or work is a living laboratory offering an opportunity for in-depth, on-the-job learning. We combine theory and practice in a learning adventure tailored to develop students’ intellectual knowledge, practical skills and spiritual awareness.

Emily Southwell
Learning Systems Manager

Our Digital Systems

The majority of your study with ACOM centres around the use of our digital systems and services. Get to know the names and functions of the different systems you will be interacting with as a student: