You’re Never Alone in Your Studies... and You're Always in Good Hands

ACOM has an amazing team of Student Engagement Managers around the country whose primary role is to connect with and support our students in their studies.

One of the great aspects of studying with ACOM is that our students are able to stay in their place of ministry and mission, while engaging with their studies online. A student can also choose from the range of in-person and online facilitations. This flexibility means that students can fit their study around all the other aspects of their lives.

Our team of dedicated Student Engagement Managers are all ministry practitioners themselves, so they understand the pressures that combining ministry and study in the midst of life brings. Their focus is on students and getting to know each one personally.

This awesome team of Student Engagement Managers bring a personal connection and listening ear to students who are spread the length and breadth of the country.

Through supportive, proactive advice, encouragement and timely reminders, they are there to help keep their students on track with their studies and aware of where and how they can receive the academic and pastoral support they need.

Student Engagement Managers are the X factor that counters the anonymity of online learning, making sure that each student is known and supported with all they need to be successful in their studies so they can achieve their God-given dream.

Meet our Student Support Team

Student Support & Wellbeing

Find out more about SCD's student support and well-being information below, or navigate to the rest of our student policies and handbook.