Thanks for your interest in starting your study journey with ACOM, we are excited to help you out with any questions you may have, or get you started on your application.

The Application Process

Please see below for a brief walkthrough of the application process to study with ACOM. This will help you understand how you will be partnering with staff during your application submission, and what you can expect.

Please ensure you see the Key Dates for your admission.

Once you have read this application process, scroll to the bottom of the page and select if you are applying for Undergraduate or Postgraduate studies. You will then be directed to the appropriate application checklist.

Undergraduate students (AQF 5-7) will be generally be applying to study a Diploma or a Bachelor Degree. Postgraduate students (AQF 8-9) will be applying to study a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters programs.

Once you select your level of study you will be directed to the appropriate application checklist.

Complete the application checklist and take special note of the documentation you will be required to submit. You will then be directed to view the online application form.

If you have your supporting documents ready you will be able to upload these through your online application. However, if you are still collecting your documents we encourage you to complete your online application, then submit any remaining documents to [email protected].

Once you have submitted the online application form you will hear back from ACOM shortly with any questions we may have, or directions for further submissions.

If you didn’t submit all required documents through the online application form, or you have been requested to submit further documentation, you will need to ensure that you submit them to [email protected].

Note that student applications are considered incomplete until all required documents have been submitted. Incomplete applications will be kept on file for a maximum of 6 months.

Once your full application and documents have been received by ACOM, our friendly staff will get back to you within 2 weeks to advise your application results.
Whether you are already accepted, or waiting for your application results, you are able to select what units you would like to study in your first trimester. If your application is pending your unit registration will be held until formal acceptance has been extended.

First check the Units and Facilitations on offer, then speak to your Student Engagement Manager if you need assistance choosing units for your course plan.

When ready you will follow the link provided by the Registrar team to register for your units, while making sure you check the textbook lists for any resources that you may need to purchase. A link to the textbook lists can be found on the registration form. Note that books can take a few weeks to arrive if ordering online, so it is beneficial for you ensure that this is completed as soon as you are ready.

Registrations will be processed and confirmed by staff within two weeks.

On time applications can expect to receive access to Moodle two weeks before the start of trimester. Moodle is the ACOM online learning system where you will access your resources, interact with staff and students, and submit your assessments.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the site, and start by accessing the Orientation course. The Orientation course will walk you through the basics of being a student, provide you with training and resources, and will require an assessment to be submitted. This assessment will give you the opportunity to write and format an essay according to ACOM specifications without the pressure of a formal grade.

If you have any questions or issues with your Moodle access please contact [email protected].

Access to units will be provided at the start of trimester. Once started ensure that you explore your units, read the introductory booklets, and check when your assessments are due. You are now ready to start your student experience.

For the full admission policy and requirements please see the Student Handbook.

Choose your Study Level

Please select your level of study to view your Application Checklist.