Interested in learning but short on time?

Auditing can be a great way to boost your professional knowledge and skills without commiting to an academic unit with assignments. Many ACOM units have the option to audit the online study materials, and/or to attend the facilitations (both partial and full attendance). This gives both students and vistors the flexibility to learn more in an area of interest, either as an unaccredited experience, or to hold for future credit.

Note Supervised Ministry and Counselling units are not eligible for audit.

There are two types of audit experience: standard audit, and audit for future credit.

Standard Audit

Audit is available to students and guests who are looking to learn about different topics without academic credit. Through this option you experience:

  • Gain access to the high-quality learning our students experience
  • No applications
  • No assignments

You can choose to pay for access to; materials, facilitations, or take the full learning experience with access to both.

Note audit is an unaccredited option. If you are a student interested in holding your audit experience as credit please see Audit for Future Credit.

Audit for Future Credit

The Process

This process is for a standard audit. Those wishing to audit for future credit should be admitted, speak with their SEM, and register using the standard registration form.

  • Choose a unit

    Check out the schedules to see what's on. Select a course level to display the correct schedules (this will be the level of materials you can audit). Dates and schedules.

  • Check your dates

    Make sure you check our key dates. Material access is between the study period start and end date, and facilitation dates are on the schedules. Dates and schedules.

  • Textbooks

    Note that some units may have additional costs such as experiences, travel or textbooks that will need to be covered by the attendee. Please ensure you read the information for each unit, and check if any textbooks are required. Textbook list

  • Register

    Ready to go? Purchase your material and/or facilitations tickets online. Have a credit or debit card at the ready for payment. Register

2024 Registrations

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

Trimester 3 audit registrations will open in June 2024.

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