The Bachelor of Counselling provides students with an accredited pathway towards a career as a professional counsellor. Taking a comprehensive and balanced approach to counselling training incorporating theology, psychology, and spirituality, students learn the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and accountability with qualifications that are recognised by the Australian Counselling Association and the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia.

Course Information

Course: Bachelor of Counselling (BCouns)
Accrediting Body: Sydney College of Divinity
Australian Quality Framework Level: AQF 7
School: Stirling School of Community Care

Number of Units: 24 units/ 216 credit points (CP)
Study Mode: Online (with facilitated learning opportunities)
Course Duration: 3 years full-time or up to 9 years part-time

Course Plan

The Bachelor of Counselling has a flexible course plan that is tailored for each student depending on their interests, and the area of counselling they intend on practicing in their career. Goals are discussed during the admission interview, which are translated into a personalised course plan.

These units will generally fit into a structure of:


/ A major of 6 units (54 credit points) in the sub-discipline of Counselling consisting of three units of counselling practicum and three units of counselling theory
/ An additional sub-major of 4 units (36 credit points) in the sub-discipline of Counselling
/ A sub-major of 4 units (36 credit points) in Pastoral Theology
/ A sub-major of 4 units (36 credit points) in either Biblical Studies or Theology or Christian Life and Ministry
/ 6 elective units (54 credit points) from any available units

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