Our flexible Master’s degree programmes allow you to combine specialisations of interest into your degree.
Our advisors can help you build a course of study that meets your leadership needs in either a Master of Arts or a Master of Leadership.
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/ Dynamics of Larger Churches
/ Working in a Team Ministry
/ Administrative Leadership and Management for Ministry
/ 1 x Elective or research unit
/ Conflict Resolution
/ Powerful Conversations
/ Coaching for Performance
/ Facilitator Training
/ Spirituality & Sustainability for Ministry
/ Spiritual Mentoring
/ Discerning God’s Will Together
/ 1 x Elective or research unit
Choose 4:
/ Art & Science of Chaplaincy
/ Issues & Ethics in Professional Practice
/ Understanding and Working with Grief and Trauma
/ Chaplain as Coach
/ Chaplaincy Skills
/ Spiritual Formation
/ Discerning the Will of God
/ Spiritual Mentoring
/ Introduction to Christian Spirituality
/ Financial Management for Not for Profits
/ Accounting Management for Not for Profits
/ Non-Profit Governance
/ Understanding the Community Sector
Choose 4:
/ Introduction to Discipleship
/ Engaging in Intercultural Ministry (Mission Trip)
/ International Community Development
/ Mission in Global Perspective
/ Cross-Cultural Mission
/ The Missional Leader
Choose any 4 Bible units
(Choose any 4 Theology units)
I have found ACOM to be a great vehicle through which I have been able to explore deeply my faith, the Gospel, and how faith community can help fulfil the call of God to love, reveal Himself and see transformation take place in all aspects of life.Brenton's Story

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