The Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry is designed to provide students with the opportunity to study in practical ministry-oriented areas of interest. It enables students to gain knowledge and skills for engagement in practical Christian ministry without committing to a long study program. It is ideal for those just starting out and looking to engage in a local ministry internship program with a study component in order to enhance their prospects of employment in a ministry setting, within a church or para-church context.

Course Information

Course: Undergraduate Certificate of Ministry (CertMin)
Accrediting Body: Sydney College of Divinity
Australian Quality Framework Level: AQF 5
School: School of Bible, Theology and Ministry

Number of Units: 4 units/ 36 credit points (CP)
Study Mode: Online (with facilitated learning opportunities)
Course Duration: 0.5 years full-time or up to 2 years part-time

Course Plan

Choose 1 unit from:
/ Introduction to the Old Testament
/ Introduction to the New Testament
/ Foundations for Ministry Training
/ Introduction to Discipleship
/ Introduction to Christian Doctrines

 Choose 2 units from:
/ Spiritual Formation
/ Introduction to Pastoral Care
/ Introduction to Youth Ministry
/ Children’s Ministry
/ Introduction to Christian Worship
/ Introduction to World Mission
/ Introduction to Christian Leadership
/ Introduction to Christian History
/ Introduction to Chaplaincy
/ Proclaiming the Good News
/ Supervised Ministry 1
/ Supervised Ministry 2
/ Church Movement Distinctives
/ Developing Cross-Cultural Competence (Mission Fieldwork)
/ Introduction to Pastoral Counselling (Bachelor level unit)
/ Intercultural Communication (Bachelor level unit)

Choose 1 additional unit from any of the above.

Course Details

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