Formation Experience

Introducing the Formation Experience
This twelve-month journey for disciples, leaders and pastors features proven faculty drawn from the world’s best formation and leadership programs. The integrated elements of the Formation Experience are:
• journeying with a national cohort of participants
• extended retreats with leading global thinkers and practitioners to engage in meaningful head, hand and heart learning
• an annual Formation Gathering that connects your cohort with ongoing Kingdom conversations and communities of practice
• integrated learning through guided reading, reflection and action.

Formation Experience Rhythm
Retreat 1:
Personal Transformation

(19 – 23 March 2019, Melbourne)
Nothing gives God more glory than a person who is fully alive. Being and becoming a beloved child of God is an essential first step to experiencing the abundant life that Jesus offers. This retreat is held in an idyllic bush setting and features Trevor Hudson who guides us into the grand adventure of dwelling and delighting in the Kingdom as God dwells and delights in us.

Formation Gathering:
The Magnificent Journey

(24 – 26 October 2019, Sydney)
We are most likely to grow when we accompany others who are actively participating in the process of transformation. Our annual conference acts as a strategic relational hub for the broader formation community in our part of the world. The Formation Gathering is held in an excellent conference venue and in 2019 features James Bryan Smith who invites us to journey deeper into God’s Kingdom.

Retreat 2:
Community Transformation

(18 – 22 February 2020, Goulburn)
Community is more than a core ingredient in the process of personal transformation. God’s Kingdom dream is for a community of people to be fully alive and freely aligned. This retreat is held within the “Liminis” community transformation project and features Mark Scandrette. Mark offers us a very grounded and practical approach to formation in community.

Formation Experience Units:
Personal Transformation
(Trimester 1, 2019)
This unit engages with authentic models of personal transformation that are based on the life and ministry of Jesus. Particular focus on the themes of Grace, Story and Spirit enable us to explore how we can follow Jesus in an empowered life.

The Art and Science of Formation
(Trimester 2, 2019)
This practical unit examines how the spiritual disciplines function as a means of grace in Christian spiritual formation. We explore the process of how God can renovate us through an integration of these practices into a sustainable rhythm of life.

Transformational Discipleship
(Trimester 3, 2019)
This unit unpacks the theological significance of Jesus’ revolutionary Kingdom vision for understanding discipleship and spiritual formation. Following Jesus opens us up to a life of ongoing interaction with God as we abide and abound in the Kingdom.

Community Transformation
(Trimester 1, 2020)
This unit explores how spiritual formation takes place over time, with others, in the context of practices that connect us with each other and with God’s Kingdom vision. A community transformation lens helps us discover that God’s Spirit is drawing us into a wonderfully creative team effort with increasing cycles of productivity and joy.

Formation Experience Price and Pathways:
The Formation Experience is offered in both an accredited and non-accredited option.
The twelve month program cost is $4,950. For how the Formation Experience fits within a range of qualifications, and additional accreditation costs, see

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