Before You Choose Your Units

Welcome to study in Trimester 3 2022 with ACOM!

Before you choose units to study in the coming trimester, make sure you have a chat with your friendly Student Engagement Manager (SEM) and consult your personalised course plan. Your SEM is a fantastic resource person to walk you through your course requirements, and can help you tailor your course to achieve your goals.


  • Moodle

All students start their study 'online' in Moodle. All study materials, assessments and learning activities are found here.

Study Options Key

Use the icons to easily identify the study options associated with each unit. Make sure to check if the units you are interested in are available to study at your course level.

  • In Person: Facilitation

  • Online: Facilitation

  • Online: No Facilitation

  • Diploma Level

  • Bachelor Level

  • Graduate Level

Unit Offering

(A) Humanities

(B) Bible

(C) Pastoral Counselling

(H) Church History

(M) Mission

(P) Pastoral Theology

(S) Spirituality

(T) Theology

(X) Research

Research field (X) indicates that Research can be undertaken in any of the sub-discipline areas offered by ACOM. Note that if scheduled coursework units are offered, they will be displayed below according to the trimester of study. However, you are always welcome to chat to your SEM if you have an interest to pursue other research options.

Unit Descriptions

Learn more about the units you are interested in by checking out the unit description.

Register for your Units

All units registrations should be submitted using the Registration Forms on our learning platform (Moodle).

Current student should log in to their Moodle account and navigate to the forms to start the process. New students will find access to a New Student Registration Form on their admission emails.