Congratulations, you're nearly there!

It may seem like only yesterday that you signed up for a new adventure in study. Or it could feel like so long ago as so much has passed between now and then. Either way, all of your hard work and dedication has brought you to the final stretch as you approach Graduation.

Graduation is a multi-step process that is best started early (where possible) in order to enable our staff to help guide you through any final requirements you need to complete. When you realise that you are nearly ready to graduate, start working through the below stages and our staff will be in contact.

Keep in mind that the journey doesn't end here. Whether it was a calling, a need or a passion that had you start out, learning is an ongoing process throughout your vocation. Check out the accredited and unaccredited opportunities through ACOM that are available to you as Alumni, and continually grow in the places that God is leading you.

The Stages of Graduation

Follow the below stages step by step, or click on the stage to skip to where you are up to.

  • Apply to Graduate

Intent to Graduate

To begin the journey towards graduation, first submit an intent to Graduate form on Moodle.

Eligibility to Graduate

Upon receipt of your Intent to Graduate, the ACOM Registrar will confirm that you have met the requirements of your award via email. Your name will then be forwarded to Sydney College of Divinity for formal approval to accept you as a graduand approximately two months prior to the SCD graduation ceremony date.

All students must complete their required units in Trimester 3 of the previous year to graduate in the next calendar year.

Note that while you wait for your confirmation you can start the steps to prepare for graduation.

  • Prepare to Graduate

Outstanding Units

Up until this point you have been working hard with your Student Engagement Manager to create a personalised course plan to train you in the areas that are important to you. If you are registered in your final units, you will of course, need to successfully complete these units. If you have submitted your Intent to Graduate early, the Registrar will give you some guidance on any final unit requirements to complete in order for you to be eligible for graduation.


To graduate you will need to ensure all fees have been paid. If you have any outstanding payments, or are unsure about your account status, please contact us at to make arrangements.

Academic Documentation

ACOM is accredited by the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD), so when receiving your graduation documents they will contain both SCD and ACOM branding. At the point of graduation you will receive both an Academic Transcript and an Official Testamur. An Academic Transcript is an official record from the SCD of the units of study you have completed and the grades you have received for each unit. Your Official Testamur is the certificate. 

If you require documentation to demonstrate your eligibility to graduate prior to the ceremony, please send your request to the Registrar at

  • Graduation

We look forward to celebrating your graduation with you. There are a number of options available to help you celebrate in a way that suits you.

Graduation Options

Attend the formal Sydney College of Divinity ceremony at the University of Sydney in NSW.

Attend an informal online ACOM celebration from your digital device.

Attend an informal ACOM celebration in various states. Check the tickets to see which states are holding events this year.

Do not attend a celebration and receive your certificates in the mail.

If you RSVP ‘no’ or do not RSVP at all, your documents will be posted to the address we have on file.  If you have recently moved, please let us know. The documents will be posted within 4 weeks after the SCD ceremony.


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2024 Graduation Options

For those completing their studies by the end of 2023, click here to submit an Intent to Graduate.  The SCD graduation date is 23rd March 2024, with ACOM celebration dates found below. 

SCD Graduation CeremonyNSWSaturday 23rd March 2024The University of Sydney Great Hall, Sydney
ACOM State CelebrationQLD2pm, Saturday 20th April 2024Springwood Church of Christ, Springwood
ACOM State CelebrationWA2:30pm, Saturday 20th April 2024Encounter Church, Wangara
ACOM State CelebrationVIC1:30pm, Saturday 11th May 2024One Church, Blackburn
ACOM Online CelebrationN/ATBCOnline (Zoom)

  • The Alumni Network

Learning doesn't stop after Graduation, and we want to help support our alumni to keep connecting, learning and growing where God has planted them. Whether you are interested in further study and research, are looking to keep your skills sharp through ongoing professional development, or want to partner with us to start a learning experience in your church or organisation, we have options for you.

Keep Growing

Feel free to browse some of our options below, or contact your Student Engagement Manager.

Lost your certificates?

All students receive one copy of each their Academic Transcript and Testamur at graduation. If you need to order a new copy of these documents, this can be done through the Sydney College of Divinity (fees may apply).

To order a new copy of your Academic Transcript or Testamur click here.

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