What is a Facilitation?

At the point of selecting to study a unit, you will have the opportunity to register in different types of scheduled facilitated events, or ‘facilitations.’ These facilitations are real-time student events run by staff or faculty, designed to assist you with your learning and the requirements of the unit.

These may be offered in various formats such as: lectures, tutorials, discussions, or other such types, in both online and in-person formats. Some unit facilitations may be compulsory as students are required to complete a task or demonstrate a skill, while others may be optional. Not all units have scheduled facilitations but the available options will be clearly indicated on the unit schedules so you can plan your choice and time.

There are four types of scheduled facilitation options:

    In-Person Facilitation

    Attend a local state-based facilitation (local time zone)

    Online Facilitation

    Attend a national online facilitation through Zoom (AEDT/AEST)

    Hybrid Facilitation

    Attend a state-based facilitation that will also be available online through Zoom (local time zone)

    No Facilitation

    Fulfil requirements by completing the Integrated Learning Portfolio (ILP) on Moodle

    Attending a Facilitation

    Students attending an optional real-time facilitation will normally take part in an assessment based on the classroom experience. This may not apply to compulsory facilitations.

    Integrated Learning Portfolio (ILP)

    Students who study units without a scheduled facilitation, or do not attend an optional real-time facilitation, will be required to submit an Integrated Learning Portfolio (ILP). The ILP is designed to provide an equivalent amount of student engagement as a facilitation and will consist of a multi-part assessment, with due dates throughout the trimester. This may not apply to select units.

    Changing Facilitations

    Students wishing to change or withdraw from facilitations after the point of registration can do so using the Withdrawals and Changes form. Please ensure you check the key dates to determine if incidental fees may be applied.

    If changing to attend a facilitation, you must do so before the study period census date. Students deciding to attend a facilitation after the census date, will be welcome in the facilitations for student learning. However, the unit Integrated Learning Portfolio will still be required.

    Are Facilitations Recorded?

    Generally, facilitations will not be recorded. However, allowances may be made for special circumstances under the ACOM Recording Policy (See Privacy Policy and Student Handbook). While watching recordings of missed facilitations may assist with student learning, it will not be considered as a substitute for attending the real-time facilitation.