The Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Ministry course is designed for those who hold a tertiary qualification in a non-theological discipline, who wish to pursue a graduate qualification in intercultural ministry, and who are seeking skills in intercultural studies to enhance their professional work. Graduates will be able to apply a body of intercultural knowledge in a range of contexts relating to ministry and/or further learning.

Course Information

Course: Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Ministry (GradCertIM)
Accrediting Body: Sydney College of Divinity
Australian Quality Framework Level: AQF 8
School: Alliance Institute for Mission

Number of Units: 4 units/ 36 credit points (CP)
Study Mode: Online (with facilitated learning opportunities)
Course Duration: 0.5 years full-time or up to 2 years part-time

Course Plan


7 Core Units:
/ Introduction to Biblical Studies
/ Biblical Theology of Mission
/ Introduction to Intercultural Mission
/ Cultural Anthropology for Mission
/ Intercultural Communication
/ Spiritual Preparation for Intercultural Ministry
/ Encountering Living Faiths of the World OR Ministering to the Muslim World

Electives (Choose 2 or 3)
/ Cultural Dynamics in Team Ministry
/ Spiritual Warfare
/ Transformational Development in a Global Context
/ Missiological Hermeneutics
/ Missional Spirituality
/ Missional Leadership

Practicum (Choose 1-3)
/ Engaging in Intercultural Ministry
/ Cross-Cultural Research Project
/ Action Research Project
/ Capstone Unit in Mission

Course Details

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