Through their participation in the Arrow Coach Mastery program, students will learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes to serve as a coach. The Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching focuses on building capacity in Leadership Coaching for people involved in a wide scope of religious, non-profit, community-focused enterprises. It allows students to move on to the Master of Leadership and other Masters Programs.

Please note that entry to a Graduate Certificate of Leadership Coaching is available for Arrow Coach Mastery participants only.

Course Information

Course: Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching (GradCertLeadCoaching)
Accrediting Body: Sydney College of Divinity
Australian Quality Framework Level: AQF 8
School: School of Leadership

Number of Units: 4 units/ 36 credit points (CP)
Study Mode: Online (with facilitated learning opportunities)
Course Duration: 0.5 years full-time or up to 2 years part-time

Course Plan

/ Professional Coaching Practice I
/ Professional Coaching Practice II
/ Seminar in Coaching
/ Plus one of:
      - Wellbeing and Resilience for People Helpers
      - Conflict Management 
      - Mastering Change in Ministry
      - Leadership Coaching Focused Study (Minor Independent Guided Study)
      - Leadership Coaching Project (Minor Research Project)

Course Details

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