At ACOM, we understand that the flexibility of online distance education is valuable, as is the need to provide dynamic and integrative learning environments that facilitate connection and community through a shared learning experience. Cohorts are a great way to achieve this.

A Great Way to Learn

Although you can study all ACOM units individually, a cohort differs from our usual facilitations because you commit to completing a course of study with the same group of students over a set period. In this way, the relationships are similar to those of a more conventional on-campus experience.

If you love learning alongside others, a cohort will provide an experience of learning that immerses you in particular areas of study. These cohorts focus on the importance of learning in community, giving participants the opportunity to develop relational networks with like-minded ministry practitioners, while focusing on a specialised area (usually a set of 4 - 8 units over a year or two).

Our cohorts give students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and practise for greater effectiveness, while also enhancing relationships with other church leaders from across Australia.

Cohorts on Offer

I have found ACOM to be a great vehicle through which I have been able to explore deeply my faith, the Gospel, and how faith community can help fulfil the call of God to love, reveal Himself and see transformation take place in all aspects of life.BRENTON'S STORY

Pathways for future learning include