One of the greatest needs for Christian leaders today is to intentionally and regularly engage with a discerning mentor

A mentor may not have all the answers but can skilfully inspire and sustain the leader in healthy and enjoyable ministry.

Building on the basic concepts of mentoring and spiritual direction, this cohort focuses on training those who show an aptitude for spiritual discernment and are testing their calling to accompany others into deeper intimacy with God and subsequent spiritual health.

Spiritual Mentoring Training involves exploring:

• Key principles of Spiritual Mentoring
• How to develop your own unique style and model of Spiritual Mentoring
• Skills involved in being attuned to God, self and others
• How to deepen spiritual intimacy with God and guide spiritual formation in others
• The nature of transformation, discernment, and spiritual practices which promote formational change.

Academic Recognition

Existing ACOM students participating in this cohort can complete four units as part of the Spiritual Mentoring cohort. Students should speak with their SEM about how this would fit into their course plan. New students will complete the full ACOM application process for an undergraduate or postgraduate award. The Spiritual Mentoring cohort includes the following four ACOM units:


1. Spiritual Formation (S7103/S8103) Year Long unit
2. The Art of Discernment (S7263/S9262) Trimester 3


3. Introduction to Christian Spirituality (S7103/S8102) Trimester 1
4. Spiritual Mentoring (S7262/S9261) Trimester 3

Further Information

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