For over twenty years ACOM has worked with a broad range of local churches and ministry organisations to create effective, specialised learning pathways. These partnerships provide students engaging in ministry formation an environment where they can test drive what they are learning within the communities in which they are situated. They ensure that each student has a highly engaging and deeply transformational learning experience immersed in their local ministry context. We believe this is where the future of ministry training lies.

Pathway Options

There are two partnership pathways your church or organisation can join:

Start Your Own Internship

If you are looking to start an internship in your church or organisation, ACOM can provide you with a simple framework and resources to get you started. All you need to provide is a supportive practical ministry placement for your interns plus some supervision and mentoring and ACOM will do the rest.

Start Your Own Learning Cohort

Our Learning Cohort pathway is designed for those churches and organisations who are looking to develop a more integrated learning environment for ministry training and development. This is a more hands on approach where ACOM works closely with cohort facilitators to tailor the learning experience to meet the focus of the particular cohort. Each cohort is uniquely different, having its own emphasis, flavour and style based on the context of the chosen situation.

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