We are better together.

No one goes through life alone. We are connected to others for encouragement, support, and guidance. And the goals we strive for, are that much more attainable when we work together.

We belive that partnership is a key element to acheiving our wider mission, and to see our students thrive, wherever they are. ACOM currently offers a variety of partnership options, including Internship programs and Learning Cohorts. However, we are always ready for conversations to dream of new ways to join forces.

Interested in more? See some examples of our current partnerships below.

Vision Christian Media

Vision Christian Media is a large Christian NFP headquartered in Brisbane. They employ about 40-50 FT staff plus many PT, casual and volunteers. Previously they were United Christian Broadcasters, and were most known for their Word For Today daily devotional provided to many Churches.

Today they provide multiple Christian radio stations via AM, FM, DAB, and their app. Their target audience is Christian, and their strength is in regional areas, although they are seeking to grow their metropolitan markets.

Vision also produces news bulletins for other radio stations, provides resources, has a staffed prayer line and has plans for more and more ways to grow their impact.

Amazingly, almost all of their income comes from small gifts from their many listeners, funding their ongoing mission.

Interested in more?