We are truly blessed to have ACOM as our academic partners, we count it an honour and privilege to be in relationship with them.RON SIMMS, NATIONAL LEADER OF FULL GOSPEL AUSTRALIA

We believe that the best place for a student to learn is in their local ministry setting or place of mission.
For this reason ACOM seeks to develop intentional and strategic partnerships with local churches, bible colleges, schools and other Christian organisations.

As an ACOM Partner you can engage in a training pathway for your organisation at either Diploma, Degree or Masters level.

We are committed to helping you find the best approach to training and ministry development that meets your needs.


ACOM works with Learning Cohorts to custom design unique learning pathways for those keen to engage at Degree & Masters level while learning within their Cohort.

ACOM will also provide a dedicated Student Learning Portal (using your Logo) for your Learning Cohort once you have 5+ students enrolled.

Additional aspects available to Interns:

  • Fee-HELP available for eligible students
  • Centrelink Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy approved for eligible students
  • Flexible delivery options
  • A dedicated Content Delivery Portal for Learning Cohorts with 5+ students enrolled
  • Grammarly – Grammar checking software free for all students
  • Extensive Student Support & Study Skills Resources available to all students

Course Details

Many of our Learning Cohorts start with the Diploma of Ministry.


Across the year learning cohorts studying the Diploma of Ministry will engage in the four following introductory core units:

Old OR New Testament

Christian Doctrines

Personal Formation

Pastoral Theology and Ministry

And the four following elective units:

Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry

General Elective

General Elective

For elective options see below:

Not the course you are interested in? Don't worry, you have the options to discuss other Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses to suit your students and program.

Next Steps

ACOM will provide access to all the resources you need to get started:

For more information...