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Enmore Incorporated


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By Harold Hayward and Dennis Nutt

From small beginnings great enterprises grow. From little more than a handful of believers meeting in the backroom of a grocer shop sprang the communion known as Churches of Christ in New South Wales. Their legacy continues through the current members of the communion, who seek to uphold the principles of the proclamation of New Testament truth, adapted and applied to this particular day and age.

Enmore Tabernacle opened its doors in 1886 and closed them just over one hundred years later. Through those doors marched a remark-able group of men and women, who not only helped establish a church, but also a larger communion of believers.

This book tells the story of the birth of a church, and the establishment of a movement in New South Wales, through the lives of some of its key members, with a focus on the early years, and the close connection between family, church and business that was at the core of what is termed “Enmore Incorporated”.

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