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From Dennis Nutt

The Apology, The Last Will and Testament, The Declaration and Address, The Lunenburg Letter and A Divinely Organised Plan of Preaching, written by Barton Stone, Thomas and Alexander Campbell, and Walter Scott respectively are the works of four American Pioneers of the Second Great Awakening and Restoration Movement.

While the Restoration Movement absolutely claims only one authoritative text, the Scriptures themselves, these writings have been inspirational in articulating the movement’s values and ideals providing an argument for unity in the body of Christ, and the restoration of ‘Primitive Christianity.’

Read and studied over the last 220 years, the principles are timeless, but the language and historical setting can be foreign to the modern reader. This compendium’s contribution is not an attempt to rewrite, but instead to reproduce these classic writings, with detailed footnotes and introductions to guide and inform any student of the Restoration Movement.

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