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Going Deeper To Go Further


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By Keith Farmer

The 21st century is a uniquely challenging time for the church in Australia. Unprecedented change has resulted in leaders having to navigate constantly shifting dynamics and expectations. The result is that we are seeing burnout occur in our experienced leaders with alarming frequency. Keith draws on his decades of experience as a Christian teacher and mentor to explore the deeper issues contributing to this problem and to offer clear and practical solutions.  He lays out a simple and accessible model for mentoring and the tools that pastors can use to develop the character of Christ in their life and leadership. Brave and passionate testimonies from key Australian leaders show that going deeper to go further opens the possibility of not only health and sustainability in ongoing ministry, but also greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

About Keith

Keith Farmer has been involved in local church ministry and training since 1967. With a background in psychology, commerce and theology, he recognises the need for pastors to be supported holistically in their faith and leadership. His passionate goal is to see the Kingdom of God enhanced through leaders engaging in effective and sustainable discipleship to Christ. Since 2005, Keith has mentored many ministers and Christian leaders, representing a wide range of denominations from across Australia. This gives him a unique insight into the realities of ministry and the need to anchor ourselves deeply in God. Keith lives on the Central Coast of NSW with his wife Margaret, delighting in their three married children and nine grandchildren.

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