These are a great resource to study within a local church group or as an individual student at your own pace.

Here at ACOM we have a vision to see local churches and ministry leaders thrive and positively impact the communities they are a part of.

We have a rich history of equipping the church for greater ministry and mission impact. Our expanding range of open access studies are provided free of charge and are ideal for local church study groups or individuals seeking to go a little deeper.

STUDY ONE: Introduction to Spiritual Formation

This study is designed to enhance overall personal and spiritual development. Students will engage with topics that increase self-awareness and personal functioning for life and ministry. The study is designed to grow persons of all ages and stages in their self-awareness, spiritual maturity, leadership capacity, vocational clarity, emotional maturity, personal integrity and relational skills.

STUDY TWO: Introduction to the Old Testament

This study provides a comprehensive introduction to every book of the Old Testament through their common groupings. The major themes of the Old Testament such as the origins, meaning and purpose of life, sin, suffering and God’s plan of salvation in Christ are identified and discussed. There is a strong emphasis on Christ as the central message of the Bible.

STUDY THREE: Introduction to the New Testament

This study introduces each of the 27 books that make up the New Testament and includes background on the political, secular and religious time period in which the writings originated. The common themes woven throughout the New Testament, capturing the ministry of Jesus and the development of the early Church will provide a solid foundation for study of the New Testament.

STUDY FOUR: Introduction to Christian Doctrines

This study provides a foundation for theological study and introduces students to sources of theological opinion. Students will explore core Christian beliefs through an exposition of the book of Romans. The New Testament church and the church of today will conclude the study as we move forward in a vastly different time and culture but based on a love for God and the Scriptures and a solid understanding of the foundations of our beliefs.

Coming Soon: The Art of Leadership, Deeper into Jesus and God’s Church Your Mission.

These free resources are designed to support Christian churches and contain a Small Group Study Guide, together with 8 sessions of online curriculum.  See Open Access Studies.

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