At ACOM, we understand that the flexibility of online distance education is valuable, as is the need to provide dynamic and integrative learning environments that facilitate connection and community through a shared learning experience.
Cohorts are a great way to achieve this.

If you love learning alongside others, a cohort will provide an experience of learning that immerses you in particular areas of study. These cohorts focus on the importance of learning in community, giving participants the opportunity to develop relational networks with like-minded ministry practitioners,while focusing on a specialised area (usually a set of 4 – 8 units over a year or two).

Our cohorts give leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and practise for greater effectiveness, while also enhancing relationships with other church leaders from across Australia. Pastors, chaplains and leaders have learned from one another during face-to-face gatherings and retreats as they share their journeys in structured learning activities.

Although you can study all ACOM units individually, a cohort differs from our usual facilitations because you commit to completing a course of study with the same group of students over a set period. In this way, the relationships are similar to those of a more conventional on-campus experience.

In partnership with Fresh Hope, the Navigate Cohorts are designed for emerging young leaders. Through intensive discipleship and spiritual and ministry formation, young people are being equipped for greater impact as they seek to discover God’s unique plan for their lives. The Recharge Cohort is designed to engage the more mature Christ follower, to help them discover God’s unique plan for their lives as they enter the second half of life.

Cohorts now on Offer…


LightStream is a two-year cohort journey, featuring exceptional faculty drawn from the world’s best discipleship, formation and leadership programmes. Students have the unique opportunity to engage face-to-face with global thinkers and practitioners through live-in retreats across Australia. Our heart is to equip and release intentional communities of people who are fully alive and freely aligned, acting as agents of transformation in God’s Kingdom.

When you join the LightStream Experience you will:
/ be a part of a national cohort of fellow learners
/ participate in four retreats over two years with leading global thinkers and practitioners, engaging in meaningful head, hand and heart learning
/ integrate learning and action through guided reading and reflection
/ learn with the support of innovative resources
/ engage in authentic leadership training that equips us to invest our transformed selves into broader ministry and community contexts.

The LightStream Experience has four retreats shaped around a five day rhythm, running from Tuesday to Saturday. The retreats explore the following themes:
1/ Becoming the Beloved – 13-17 March 2018 – with Trevor Hudson from South Africa
2/ Rhythm of Life – 18-22 September 2018 – with Jan Johnson from USA
3/ Transformation in Community – Feb / Mar 2019
4/ Living into the Black – Aug / Sep 2019

The Integration of Learning and Action
You can participate in the LightStream Experience as either an accredited degree student or an audit (non-accredited) participant. Either path provides you with the full transformational learning adventure.

Degree Student /
Undertake the LightStream Experience while earning credits towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This challenging option integrates head, heart and hands and stretches the student to find new ways of expressing what they are learning. Completion of units can be used towards a Graduate Certificate or Diploma, a Master’s or a Bachelor’s Degree.

Audit Student /
Alternatively, you can enjoy the depth of LightStream but without assessments or grades. You will engage with all aspects of the programme, including retreats, guided reading and reflective practices. Programme fees are $4,950 per year and include all handbooks, resources and retreats.

View the Lightstream Experience Brochure here

View the Lightstream Participant Handbook here

Multi-Staff Churches

This Graduate Certificate is designed as an 18 month leadership development experience both for people who are new to leading a multi-staff church and for experienced Senior Ministers who wish to sharpen their skills.

75% of the program is comprised of three core coursework units:
/ Leading the Larger Church
/ Working in a Team Ministry Setting
/ Administrative Leadership and Management for Ministry

The ACOM Graduate Certificate in Arts with a focus on Leading the Multi-Staff Church not only delivers high quality content, it also helps you process that content in the company of a cohort of leaders in similar contexts to your own, with mentoring from experienced Senior Ministers along the way.


View the Multi-Staffed Church Brochure

Field Experiences

The ACOM Field Experiences have been an important part of our programme since 2014, when we launched our first Holy Land tour.
By 2018, we will have provided over 90 people with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in an experience that combines academic excellence with a personal pilgrimage to biblical sites that anchor our faith.

Every two years, students, friends and family have spent two weeks exploring biblical and extra-biblical sites within Israel and Jordan in a programme that not only takes them to ancient ruins but also provides an opportunity to experience the culture of this ancient land and meet the people who live there today. The programme includes visits to historical and archaeological sites such as the Old City of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, as well as time in the natural beauty of the Mount of Beatitudes and the Sea of Galilee.

We have been blessed by interactions with Christians who live in the midst of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and homestays and family meals with local Christians and Jews. ACOM is committed to expanding its study tour and pilgrim experiences in the future, providing immersive educational and formative opportunities for our students.

Future possibilities include Restoration and Reformation Tours, Spirituality Pilgrimages and Missional Placements.
For more information about future Field Experiences, contact us today.

Holy Land 2018 Tour Promo Video

Applications close soon for our next Holy Land Tour in Jan 2018 and spaces are filling quickly. Over 60 people have been a part of this "once in a lifetime" experience and you can join us as a student (Fee-Help available) or as a friend of ACOM. Email for Info Pack and Application Form.

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RECHARGE – Fresh Hope Leadership Pathway

RECHARGE is targeted at people aged over 50 who are ready to embrace the second half of life intentionally with wisdom and courage. During this one-year programme, you will explore some of the deeper questions as you take time to encounter God’s Word and connect with His Spirit in the context of spiritual friendships. This is a year of equipping you to live loved, and to live to love in a world that needs transformation.

/ Deep formation through spiritual formation and mentoring in an intentional community
/ Participate in four live-in retreats throughout the year
Complete the following three units of study at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level:
/ Spiritual Formation
/ Biblical Studies
/ Optional: Art & Science of Chaplaincy

Commit Your Time
In addition to your online studies, you will be required to allow for 10 weekdays (annual leave if applicable) and some weekends throughout the year to attend the retreats (a total of approx. 20 days).


View the Recharge Brochure here

NAVIGATE – Fresh Hope Leadership Pathway

Transformational encounters in spiritual leadership
“Fresh Hope Spiritual Leadership Pathways are a vital step in providing spiritual leadership and training experiences to equip you to be a transformational person, wherever God leads you in life. We believe that leadership is both caught and taught – that’s why we have combined real-life experiences, personal formation and formal tertiary studies to enable you to be in the best position to shape a life of spiritual influence. If you have an open heart and hands and a desire to serve, then this experience is for you.”

John Crowther
Director | Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry


View the Navigate Brochure here

Professional Mentoring

Train with experienced and qualified mentors and facilitators as you grow in both theory and practice.
This four-unit cohort will develop you as a professional mentor.

Conflict Resolution
(Tri 1, 2018)
Conflict occurs in all areas of life but is often ignored or handled poorly, resulting in little or no resolution, and often leading to crisis. This course will equip you in resolving conflict by engaging in it with skill and confidence. Develop your skills when you are personally experiencing conflict by increasing your self-awareness and managing emotions. Then develop your skills as a third party in conflict resolution, so that you are able to assist others in conflict.

Powerful Conversations
(Tri 2, 2018)
Leaders develop skills in having conversations with those they lead and realise the enormous power that exists when conversations go well! Leaders can build connection, develop trust, minimise defensiveness, inspire innovation and reduce the amount of stress and negative talk that so often exists in organisations, churches and families. This course gives an understanding of the power of conversation in leadership, a framework for engaging in challenging conversations, the skills and attitudes that are essential for effective conversations and the impact of emotions within conversations.

Coaching for Performance
(Tri 3, 2018)
A ministry leader is responsible for outcomes that are much bigger than their own ability to work hard! This means they involve and rely on others to work with them so that tasks are accomplished, projects are completed and outcomes are achieved. Consequently, one of the biggest challenges for leaders is bringing out the best in those who work in the teams they lead.
This course is designed to equip the leader to use coaching as the key approach to bring about high levels of performance in teams and individuals. This course will develop the skills required to coach effectively, to understand the framework of a coaching conversation, to know when to coach and to manage low performance in others.

Facilitator Training
(Tri 1, 2019)
A well-facilitated group can be a powerful and memorable experience for all involved, resulting in long-lasting positive impact! Facilitators need to possess the skills of teaching, storytelling, debriefing, group conversations, presentation and precise language, while utilising the processes of lectures, group work, icebreakers and activities, as well as understanding the importance of room set-up, teaching aids, manuals and breaks. This course aims to develop these skills and processes in you so that you can facilitate fantastic group experiences!

View the Professional Mentoring Brochure Here

TOPS Internship

Do you want to discover a new world of ministry opportunity in Christian camping?
Based at Stanwell Tops, The Tops Internship provides a unique opportunity to grow and develop while experiencing the inner workings of one of Australia’s premier Christian facilities.

Tops’ Internships combine formation and part-time work in a two-year, live-in experience on a Christian campsite, while completing a Diploma of Christian Studies with ACOM. During the two years, interns are exposed to many unique camping environments, ranging from week-long school holiday Christian camps to mid-week school programmes, through to working with at-risk children.

Students also attend the national Christian Venues Association conference and engage with both a developing world trek and an Australian campsite trek.

I have found ACOM to be a great vehicle through which I have been able to explore deeply my faith, the Gospel, and how faith community can help fulfil the call of God to love, reveal Himself and see transformation take place in all aspects of life.BRENTON'S STORY

Pathways for future learning include