What can I study at ACOM?

Knowing which study pathway to embark on isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

That being said, you might have a rough idea of what you are passionate about or where you would like to be down the track.
The following pages will help you find the right course to get you moving in the right direction. Whether you are studying for the first, second or third time, we have a pathway for you.

Our degrees are highly flexible, with elective units available in a wide variety of fields. You can tailor your learning to focus on areas of interest such as chaplaincy, Bible or pastoral theology. And remember, every unit has a practical component, so you will be putting your learning into action.

ACOM offers a wide variety of excellent opportunities to suit you.

What's my 'Why' for Pursuing Study?

Perhaps you're in a similar boat to some of the following examples listed below.
You may actually have a sense as to why you are pursuing biblical studies and the 'why' behind your desire to study can help us help you to head in the right study direction and achieve the outcome you need and pursue the things you sense God is calling you to.

I am being called into professional ministry and need a recognised ministry qualification ...Either the Bachelor of Ministry or the Bachelor of Theology will prepare you for ministry as a recognised pastor.
I sense that i am being called to the mission field ...The Alliance Institute for Mission is dedicated to training missionaries in a wide variety of contexts.
I’m moving from a career into paid ministry and need to be retrained but i already have an undergraduate degree ...The Master of Divinity is a 24 unit postgraduate degree that prepares you for ministry as a recognised pastor.
I have been a minister for a number of years and want to continue my learning and professional development ...We have a number of options in the Graduate School, with specialisations designed to stretch and develop you for your next season of ministry.

The ACOM Student Handbook

Whether you are are thinking about study, or are current student with ACOM, you will need to be stay up to date with the Student Handbook. This Handbook is your guide to your study, including information on; courses, policies and procedures.

Check out the Student Handbook on our Resources page.

Here's What's Involved...

Here's a snapshot overview of what you need to know as you enter your studies with ACOM. We're sure there'll be questions along the way, however it's good to start somewhere. Let us know if you have something you require answered.

Cost of Study

Students can pay their fees up front or access the Australian Government’s FeeHelp system. FeeHelp is a Commonwealth loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay all or part of their higher education fees. Current pricing is available here.

Study Options

Students can study part time or full time. ACOM operates on a trimester basis, with formation units being taken over the course of the full year. A full-time load is considered six to nine units, which is usually two to three units per trimester, with one year-long unit.

A part-time load is usually two to three units per year.

Text Books and Library

Required readings are provided for students with online library access for further research. ACOM is continuously improving its digital library of learning resources. We have thousands of specialist books, articles and journals available to our students through our copyright licensing arrangements.

Useful for both research and personal study, our students have access to over 20,000 e-books and more than 800 journals on the Bible, leadership, pastoral care and theology.

Some units may require the purchase of a textbook, which will be indicated on Moodle.

Demand Hours

Each unit at ACOM has 143 demand hours. These are the number of hours that we expect you will need to complete the unit. The nominal hours are broken up as follows:

Online readings and study sessions - 41 hours
Assessments - 51 hours
Integrated learning activities - 30 hours
Face-to-face Learning or equivalent - 21 hours

For each unit we recommend that you have the margin in your average week to spend approximately 10 hours studying (with more required during peak assessment periods).


ACOM assessments are essay based and do not usually involve exams. Units may include online quizzes and practical assessments that are completed in your ministry setting. Essay and assessment dates are clearly published in Moodle and all tasks must be submitted to pass the unit.

Computer Requirements

To study with ACOM, you will need access to a computer with internet connection. You will also require an email address that we can use to contact you. For assessment writing, we require the use of a word-processing programme such as Microsoft Word.

Local Supervisor

All ACOM units have an integrated learning component. This is where you integrate what you are learning into your ministry environment. Students will be required to identify a supervisor in their ministry environment (e.g. a church, school, chaplaincy or welfare organisation). The supervisor will assist you as you reflect on your learning.

Student Ministry Placement

We want our students to be doers, not just hearers. Our integrated learning activities link your academic work into your practice through a process of instruction (online readings, face-toface facilitations and other learning activities), action (localised ministry) and reflection (thinking about your practice to understand how to improve it). The process of instruction-action-reflection continues across all of our units.

Digital Systems