The Alliance Institute for Mission is a catalyst for the development and training of men and women for cross-cultural ministry.
The Institute is commissioned by the Christian & Missionary Alliance (Alliance) to manage and facilitate both undergraduate and postgraduate award programmes in the field of Christian mission. Graduates will be prepared for all types of cross-cultural ministry from the short term through to a lifetime of intercultural service.

As a practical institution, our goal is to prepare students academically but to do so in transformational contexts through which students learn what it is to grow with God in mission. With both cross-cultural spiritual formation and international placements as key elements of the Institute’s offerings, graduates will be effectively equipped to take the message of the Gospel to wherever God might call.

The Experience of the Alliance /
The Christian & Missionary Alliance of Australia is a movement centred on Jesus Christ as saviour, sanctifier, healer and coming King. It exists to fulfil God’s mission on earth, taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to Australia and beyond. Students studying with the Alliance Institute are able to access the vast experience of the Alliance, its missionaries and mission locations worldwide. Forged over decades of overseas and local mission work, the Alliance is uniquely positioned to train missionaries.

In Australia, the Alliance is a multi-ethnic movement with some 52 churches in most states and territories. Internationally, there are around 20,000 fellowships in 81 countries around the world, with almost 5 million Christians as part of the Worldwide Alliance Fellowship. With a rich heritage and experience in being on mission both locally and overseas, the Alliance brings value and expertise to the creation and implementation of the Institute that bears its name.

Undergraduate Offerings /
The Alliance Institute for Mission offers a range of undergraduate units that can be taken as part of the Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Ministry awards. It is possible to undertake a major in the Christian Life and Ministry discipline with a specialisation in mission.
The following programs are available for study:
/ Diploma of Ministry
/ Diploma of Christian Studies
/ Bachelor of Ministry
/ Bachelor of Theology

Postgraduate Offerings /
In 2018, the Alliance Institute for Mission is offering a mission specialisation as part of the flagship Master of Leadership award. Designed with input from both past and current missionaries, this specialisation allows the student to explore cross-cultural engagement from within a leadership framework. With the majority of world missions being done in partnership today, developing intercultural leadership skills are a must for the contemporary missionary.
In addition, this specialisation places a specific emphasis on the practical skills required to minister cross-culturally and incorporates an international ministry placement of up to three months for on-the-ground ministry training. This biblically grounded and theologically astute award will prepare students for effective intercultural service.
Students may exit the programme early with either a Graduate Certificate (4 units) or a Graduate Diploma (8 units) award.
The following programs are available for study:
/ Graduate Diploma of Arts
/ Graduate Certificate in Arts
/ Master of Arts
/ Master of Leadership
/ Master of Theology
/ Master of Divinity

The rapid pace of change in the world over the last decade has also impacted the task of theological education. The always on, always connected world has meant that the demands of ministry training have been increasing with specialist skills for reaching this world an essential focus.


The 12-unit Master of Leadership with a mission specialisation builds a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies for serving God cross-culturally. The purpose of this programme is to prepare students in practical ways for effective ministry, whether overseas or in our own multicultural contexts. The masters-level programme, which consists of both core and elective units, will enable the student to shape their programme towards their own learning interests.

Three key elements of this programme are:
1. a focus on transformational development that prepares the student to not only survive but to minister effectively in intercultural contexts
2. development of key leadership skills that enable the graduate to work effectively in cross-cultural environments, either individually or as part of intercultural teams
3. an international ministry placement that allows the student to apply what they have been learning to a real-world ministry situation – these placements generally run for a full trimester (three months), although students with specific needs can apply for a shorter (or longer) duration.

Units offered include:
/ Engaging in Intercultural Ministry
(International Field Placement)
/ Introduction to Discipleship
/ Cross-cultural Mission
/ Gospel Contextualisation
/ Mission in Global Perspective
/ International Community Development
/ Biblical Theology of Mission
/ Ministering in Intercultural Teams


Students may obtain a Graduate Certificate after successful completion of 4 units, or a Graduate Diploma after successful completion of 8 units.

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