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Over recent years, our study programmes to Israel and Jordan have been life-changing experiences for students. Consequently, we have sought to provide more culturally diverse overseas opportunities for students to study abroad – to be stretched, enriched and equipped for a life of ministry and mission. Drawing on the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s (C&MA) international network, we are establishing safe, well-supervised, culturally immersive overseas mission experiences. During this hands-on learning adventure, the student gains insight into the world of intercultural ministry, learns to depend on God for their daily activities and grows through engagement with local ministry practices – all while working on their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

These student placements are usually three months (but can be anywhere from one month to one year) and are offered through supervised, on-the-ground ministry partnerships.

Together, we provide students the opportunity to engage with diverse service opportunities around the world: assisting refugees, supporting children rescued from sex slavery, establishing sustainable enterprises, supporting struggling Christian communities and a range of other opportunities.

By living amid cultures of diverse beliefs and practices, students are forced to develop a deeper understanding of their own faith and learn how to express their beliefs meaningfully to those who think differently. This requires the student to make a renewed commitment to a life in Christ that is authentic; this not only helps them while on the field, it also enriches their life back at home. Currently, students have the opportunity to complete placements in a number of countries with exact locations dependent upon student interest and current field availability.

The ministry placement is normally a year-long unit, with registration occurring in Trimester 1 regardless of the exact dates of travel, however placements of 6 weeks or less can be accommodated in any single Trimester.

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