Are you called to lead a multi-staff Church? We can help you develop the critical knowledge, skills and character required for this role.

Graduate Certificate in Arts, with a special focus on leading the Multi- Staff Church
This Graduate Certificate is designed as an 18 month leadership development experience both for people who are new to leading a multistaff church, campus pastors and for experienced Senior Ministers who wish to sharpen their skills. 75% of the program is comprised of three core coursework units:
- Leading the Larger Church
- Leading in a Team Ministry Setting
- Administrative Leadership and Management for Ministry

The ACOM Graduate Certificate in Arts with a focus on Leading the Multi-Staff Church not only delivers high quality content, it also helps you process that content in the company of a cohort of leaders in similar contexts to your own, with mentoring from experienced Senior Ministers along the way.

Each unit involves a 3-day intensive with your cohort and 2 Senior Ministers as facilitators / mentors. Over the three intensives you will have contact with a number of Senior Ministers, establishing a high-quality network for your future ministry.

The remaining 25% of the program is completed by your choice of:
- Participation in the Leadership 21*field trip or equivalent and completion of an extended critical reflection, or
- A research paper on a topic of particular interest to you, supervised by ACOM faculty, or
- An additional ACOM Masters (or postgraduate) course unit; either a standard unit or one specially created for you.

If you wish to apply to join the next cohort, contact us for more information.

2021 Cohort Dates

Unit NameUnit CodeTrimesterSessionSession DatesFacilitatorsVenue
Leading the Larger Church (Multi-Staff Church Cohort)P7396C
Trimester 1 2021Week 6Tuesday 23rd March,
Wednesday 24th March,
Thursday 25th March
Ted Keating
David Ratten
One Church, Blackburn
Leading in a Team Ministry Setting
(Multi-Staff Church Cohort)
Trimester 2 2021Week 5Tuesday 22nd June,
Wednesday 23rd June,
Thursday 24th June
Ted Keating
Graham Agnew
One Church, Blackburn
Administrative Leadership & Management for Ministry (Multi-Staff Church Cohort)P7195C
Trimester 3 2021Week 3Tuesday 14th September,
Wednesday 15th September,
Thursday 16th September
Troy Blair and David RattenOne Church, Blackburn