ACOM’s Graduate School of Leadership specialises in thought leadership and training for church leaders, volunteers, boards, welfare staff managers and team leaders in the not-for-profit community sector.

Our Graduate School is not just an academic pursuit. We are committed to the practice of leadership. We understand that postgraduate students have different needs to our undergraduate population. Postgraduates are likely working in a ministry field already, wanting to incorporate their working experiences into their studies while developing to meet the challenges of a changing world.

The Graduate School of Leadership will work with students to create a study path that complements their ministry calling, with assessments that incorporate real-life learning tools.
Our students are:

Getting Hands Dirty with Work Integrated Learning /
Work-integrated Learning ensures the theoretical knowledge you are acquiring is being grounded in real-world practice. Students acquire the practical skills that make them employable, while earning credit for their degree through work placement, internship or volunteer projects.

Transforming Organisations through Action Research /
Action Research emphasises transformation – for the student and for their organisation. Under the guidance of their supervisor, students document an exploration of how they plan to improve their ministry – while being transformed themselves. There is a practical benefit to the student’s workplace.

Enriching Life with an Overseas Learning Experience /
An immersive overseas learning experience is designed to deepen your understanding of the world and expand your abilities to appreciate diversity, adapt to different experiences, communicate effectively and collaborate in teams. Add an overseas experience to your postgraduate experience.

Sharpening Thinking with Problem-based Learning /
Using scenarios, case studies and simulations, students are challenged by real-world problems and they can draw on their existing knowledge to investigate, research and learn how to find solutions to complex situations – applying theory to practice.

Nourishing the Soul in Deep Spiritual Formation /
To thrive in modern life, it is critical for each student to explore their own personal journey of self-awareness, spiritual understanding and faith surrender. In the safety of an intimate group of fellow learners, students explore what it means to be well grounded, suitably balanced, resilient and effective.

Engaging with Current Research and Evidence Based Practice/
ACOM’s Graduate School of Leadership is actively pursuing research in local churches and ministry settings. We are asking local pastors what is working and what isn’t and then responding to those needs in our course and unit development. Our content has grown out of real-life practice; it has been designed as a direct result of Australian-based, ministry contexts. In 2018, our faculty will continue undertaking research to ensure that we are responding to current challenges and needs.

Learning Together /
Leadership students are practitioners, as are our facilitators and staff. Students are engaged in real-life leadership problems and want to engage with other students and practitioners in their learning. The Graduate School of Leadership is committed to life-long leadership learning and all of our staff continue to learn with you, work with you, discuss and journey with you. We are not experts who merely teach theory; we are practitioners who learn together and prepare for God’s journey into new adventures and challenges together. We invite you on the journey of leadership as we improve our professional practice and contribute to the Kingdom of God in our various places of leadership influence.