The world’s not standing still. Neither can your leadership skills.

ACOM’s School of Leadership specialises in thought leadership and training for church leaders, volunteers, boards, welfare staff managers and team leaders in the not-for-profit community sector.

This School is not just an academic pursuit, we are committed to the practice of leadership. The School of Leadership will work with students to create a study path that complements their ministry calling, with assessments that incorporate real-life learning tools.

We understand that you are likely serving in a ministry field already, wanting to incorporate your experiences into your studies, while developing skills to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Therefore, we have built degrees that are flexible enough to enable you to specialise and pursue God’s calling for your life, while working with academic staff who are seasoned ministry practitioners, each committed to seeing life and community change.

Our goal is to partner and support you, while you earn recognised qualifications that will equip you for your journey.

Cathy Kleemann
Dean of the School of Leadership

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