Orientation at ACOM

ACOM Staff & Faculty are committed to helping our students succeed in their studies. ACOM’s Orientation program encompasses a range of activities that introduce you to your place of study and the services available to help you find your way around and pursue your studies knowing that you will be well supported in your learning.

2021: Save the date

Welcome to the beginning of your ACOM study journey!

In honour of this occasion, our staff have arranged special online welcome parties to meet you. Come along and make some memories with us as staff and students get to know one another, share some giggles together through games, and co-create a welcoming space through connections that will set you up for the future with us.

There are three choices of time slots, however please ensure you check which timezone each session is being held in so you turn up at the right time.

/ Session 1 - Tuesday 9th February- 4.30pm AWST, 6.30pm AEST, 7pm ACDT, 7.30pm AEDT
/ Session 2 - Thursday 11th February- 10am AWST, 12pm AEST, 12.30pm ACDT, 1pm AEDT
/ Session 3 - Thursday 11th February- 2pm AWST, 4pm AEST, 4.30pm ACDT, 5pm AEDT

As a new student, we want to set you up to succeed in your studies from the very start. For this reason, all new students are required to attend either an online or face-to-face orientation session. Here our staff will introduce themselves, basic information and skills for study, and answer any questions you may have.

There are four choices of sessions, however please ensure you check which timezone or state each session is being held in so you turn up at the right time and/or place.

/ Session 1 - Online - Wednesday 17th February- 10.30am AWST, 12.30pm AEST, 1pm ACDT, 1.30pm AEDT
/ Session 2 - Online - Thursday 18th February- 4pm AWST, 6pm AEST, 6.30pm ACDT, 7pm AEDT
/ Session 3 - VIC - Wednesday 24th February- 1.30pm - Eva Burrows College, 100 Maidstone Street Ringwood, VIC 3134 Australia
/ Session 4 - NSW - Monday 1st March- 11.30am- The Tops Conference Centre, 51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops, NSW Australia

Orientation Program

All ACOM students commencing their studies through the Sydeny College of Divinity are expected to participate in the Orientation Program. This involves attending an online or ‘in-person event as well as completing our Orientation module.

Through this you will be offered useful information about academic matters, about how we will support your studies, essential study skills as well as how we will strive to make your overall experience safe and enjoyable.

Please click here for details of our ‘online’ & ‘in-person’ Orientation Schedule.

All ACOM students are assigned a Student Engagement Manager or Learning Cohort Coordinator to support them in their studies.

For details contact [email protected] or 1800 672 692.

 Below you will find a list of student services available for all students enrolled in awards of the Sydney College of Divinity to assist you to reach your academic goals and keep you safe and well along the way.

Student Services

Information about Student Services available for all new and current students is available in the following places: on the ACOM Website, in the ACOM Student Handbook, through contacting your assigned Student Engagement Manager or via the Learning Management System (Moodle) once you have enrolled.

ServiceWho to contact & where to find
Academic risk supportStudent Engagement Manager
Attendance and progression requirementsStudent Handbook
Careers and vocations adviceStudent Engagement Manager
Counselling and chaplaincyStudent Engagement Manager
Critical incidents and emergenciesWebsite
Disability, Mental Health & Wellbeing supportWebsite
Diversity and equityStudent Engagement Manager
English language supportStudent Engagement Manager
Grievances, complaints, and appealsStudent Handbook
IT support for Learning Management SystemLearning Management System
Learning & Study Skills supportLearning Management System and Student Engagement Manager
Library and learning resourcesLearning Management System
Orientation ProgramsLearning Management System and Student Engagement Manager
Personal safety, security & legal supportWebsite
Transitioning from school or workplace to studyStudent Engagement Manager