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The Australian College of Ministries offers a wide variety of flexible, accredited training for Christian not-for-profit leaders. Our students are currently serving as managers, pastors and board members across a wide variety of faith-based schools, aged care and welfare providers, local church and mission organisations as well as community-focused social enterprises.

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Free Text Book Package for the Graduate Certificate in Governance and Strategy *

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The increasingly sophisticated religious not-for-profit sector demands its leaders have both great spiritual leadership depth as well as professional management skills.
Christian leaders like you need to possess conviction, a passion for mission, plus a savvy of skills in organisational management.
The Master of Leadership is a 12 unit program that provides you with the wide scope of governance, strategic, accounting and leadership study options you require on this journey.
Our leadership units include strategic thinking, change, conflict, teams, spiritual leadership, well-being and resilience, coaching, accounting, governance and more. Students may also take bible, theology and pastoral units as electives, and complete their course with research that contributes toward their leadership role.
Designed to be flexible, and built on a strong biblical and theological framework, the Master of Leadership will assist students in becoming effective leaders, able to traverse changing environments.

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This 4 unit program has been designed to build capacity and skills for those specifically interested in Governance and Strategy. Your units will include Non-Profit Governance, Accounting for Not-for-Profits, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, and an elective focussing on a specific area of interest. Join our practical and flexible training alongside other Christian leaders.

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