Units to Study

ACOM offers a variety of core and elective units to study each year.
To see our offering please download:

2021 Unit and Facilitations Diploma of Ministry

2021 Unit and Facilitations Bachelor Levels

2021 Unit and Facilitations Postgraduate Levels

ACOM also may offer a small selection of units to existing students over the Summer break to assist in accelerating their studies. These units are offered without facilitations, and are released to students  over email during Trimester 3.

Unit Facilitation Details

A range of face-to-face and national online facilitations are on offer. If you are interested in attending a facilitation see our facilitation details below.

2021 Facilitations

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See our 2021 events

Check out our 2021 events and facilitations on the event calendar here. You can view the events as the defaulted list, or switch to the month view option in the top right corner to assist your scheduling.

Students and non-students are welcome to attend facilitations as a learning event without material access or assignments. To see event dates, pricing and tickets, click on the events link above for details.