ACOM is committed to serving disciples of Jesus who are serious about Kingdom living. We are specially equipped to help develop Christian leaders for a rapidly changing world.


Over 20 years ago, ACOM made the shift from being a campus-based college to a dynamic and flexible online-learning community. We developed a groundbreaking transformational adult-learning approach tailored to each individual’s personal needs and learning style – where your place of work or ministry is your campus.

As a student, you can stay in your home or local church, and the actions you take in pursuit of your vocation become essential elements of your learning experience. After all, Jesus didn’t hide his disciples in a Bible school in Galilee. He taught them in their world – on the road; beside rivers and lakes; in fields, villages and towns. He trained them in the realities of life with real people.

At ACOM we do the same. We don’t just get you back into mission after your training is over. We keep you in mission. In our training, you will learn with the people in your community, in your church, wherever you work.

Every ACOM course allows you to gain credit for your time, energy and ministry experience as a vital component of your training – all at a place of your choice.

At ACOM students design their own learning pathway to ensure they have a highly engaging and deeply transformational learning experience. Our model of learning is supported by face-to-face workshops around the country, a cutting-edge digital learning platform, and an extensive e-library. Each student has their own Student Engagement Manager as their personal connection to whatever assistance they may need.

ACOM is committed to serving disciples of Jesus who are serious about Kingdom living. We are specially equipped to help develop Christian leaders for a rapidly changing world.

Dr Stephen Smith
Principal and CEO

ACOM offers the following distinctive strengths:

For ACOM, the learning process is not simply intellectual – it is about spiritual transformation. We care about the individual you are becoming and here’s why: we know that healthy, sustainable and effective graduates will be well grounded spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

We want you to be successful for the long haul and we know that students who have performed the challenging inner work in spiritual formation are more likely to adapt, survive and thrive when things in life go wrong.

Personal disasters can be faith-forming or faith-destroying – in our experience, what makes the difference is your connection to God, found through deep spiritual formation. To lead spiritual transformation, leaders must first be transformed themselves. We don’t just run classes on formation; we help each student explore their own personal journey of self-awareness, social development, spiritual understanding and faith surrender. This process is a transformational journey – going deep to be released for personal mission. To engage in spiritual formation is to commit to the journey of becoming deeply faithful, spiritually minded, self-aware and resilient.

Spiritual formation is threaded through our entire curriculum to ensure that graduates bring strength, courage, wisdom and integrity to their future endeavours.

Our students make choices to tailor their own learning experience. Students can select their own pace, location and digital device to support their optimum learning style. Our e-learning is supported by optional face-to-face facilitations: learning experiences led by ministry practitioners and academics.

Our face-to-face facilitations provide an opportunity for students to make sense of biblical and theological content in the context of their personal spiritual life and ministry. These engaging learning experiences, facilitated by a leader in the field, are designed to help students become theologically sharper, spiritually deeper and professionally stronger as they grapple with the subject matter along with other students.

Our approach is intentionally mission-focused rather than classroom-focused. Not only are ACOM graduates ready to start ministry when they complete their learning, but they have already been actively involved in ministry throughout their studies.

This approach enables students to be relevant and effective as they represent God’s Kingdom in whichever situation God places them. At ACOM, we recognise that your place of ministry or work is a living laboratory offering an opportunity for in-depth, on-the-job learning. We blend theory and practice in a missional learning adventure tailored to develop your intellectual knowledge, practical skills and spiritual awareness.

Our digital technology supports an integrated learning lifestyle. ACOM’s learning platform is world-class, allowing students to access what they need on demand and across multiple devices. This allows the student to integrate study to suit their daily interactions with work, family and friends.
Our method of delivery is designed to maximise learning-in-action.We view each of our students as practising professionals. We are specialists in workplace learning and our approach to curriculum design reflects our instruction-action-reflection approach.
We help students discover how to study the Bible for themselves. We equip students to learn how to learn and apply biblical teachings to the complex and changing world in which we live. Students are not told what to believe; instead, they are given the tools to see the world from a biblical worldview.
We personalise the support we provide students. Although students interact online, they are not forgotten about. Each student has his or her own Student Engagement Manager (SEM) to contact for the help they need. SEMs connect with their students proactively with supportive advice, encouragement and reminders. In addition, students receive online support from our academic faculty and markers.
At ACOM, you may be online, but you are not alone.
Our academic standards are excellent. We know that surviving and thriving in any ministry requires the mind of a scholar and the heart of a missionary. While our method of learning is flexible, our coursework materials are deeply biblical and academically rigorous. Our learning assessments are formative and require students to be stretched and challenged in heart, mind and soul.
We build a collegiate community of learners. ACOM students and faculty connect in multiple ways (regardless of location) to support and stimulate a supportive learning experience. Students can attend a facilitation or formation retreat for face-to-face meetings, or discuss topics in an online lounge. Students can also join a cohort for a more intense relational learning experience or connect to an online ‘Collaborate’ session for real-time discussions.
Our graduates are job ready. Graduates complete their learning experience feeling ready to begin ministry because they have been ‘learning on the job’. Their place of ministry and mission has been their campus. ACOM employs an instruction-action-reflection approach.

What our students learn today, they use the next day as theory meets practice in real-life ministry settings. The mixture of practical experience, academic excellence and deep formation combine to build graduates who are ministry ready, skilled to take on new challenges and not afraid to get their hands dirty in mission.

This year has been a gift from God. It has been a time to grow in understanding of my true self and reflect on my journey thus far with my Heavenly Father. It has been full of study, new friendships forged, retreats, laughter and lots of chocolate. Recharge has focussed me on seeking freedom and recapturing joy in my life. Christ has truly set me free and I am filled with his joy.LYNDA'S STORY

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