In response to the growing demand for those with qualifications in the caring professions, we are excited to announce the launch of the Stirling School of Community Care. 

The School of Community Care brings together under one umbrella ACOM & Stirling’s Counselling, Professional Supervision, Chaplaincy, and in time, Pastoral and Spiritual Care awards, to provide increased opportunities for those seeking to translate their faith into positive action in our world. The school will have an ongoing focus on developing and delivering courses that offer our students practical knowledge, academic excellence, and a flexible learning environment.

Steve Sutton

Dean of the Stirling School of Community Care

ACOM and the Australian Institute of Family Counselling (aifc), are partnering to provide integrated pathways from Diploma to Masters for those seeking a counselling training pathway. Together, we are preparing students to counsel in a wide range of professional and community settings such as Christian counselling, spiritual counselling, relationship counselling, family counselling, as well as grief, loss, and trauma counselling.